Erotic massage in Lviv

Our benefits

Privacy guarantee
You will not meet face to face with another guest. Full confidentiality
Shower in each room
You do not need strolling in a towel along the common corridor
Disposable underwear sets (sheets, slippers)
We work around the clock and seven days a week.
30+ erotic programs
There are plenty to choose from
Great selection of masseuses
All our girls have good looks
Convenient location
We are located in the city center with parking places
A wide range of alcoholic beverages


Аква-гель массаж
2000 UAH - 1 hour
Hypy massage is a Japanese erotic massage technique that originated in the city of Kawasaki. In this technique, the masseuse rubs and glides over the...
3200 UAH - 1 hour 30 minutes
“Correct” leisure time spent in the company of a loved one, will not only allow you to relax and relax, but also strengthen relationships...
50 на 50
1500 UAH - 1 hour
This is a unique erotic program created by the Paradise salon for our most demanding guests in Lviv! At a session of this kind of erotic procedures...
Максимум Голд релакс
2100 UAH - 1 hour
And how do you prefer to spend your leisure time? Salon eromassage Paradise offers to do this in the hands of gentle and playful girls-masseuses in...
2700 UAH - 1 hour 30 minutes
Professional erotic massage is the maximum for you. Feel all the delights of massage bliss in its classical presentation in the shower!Brief session...
2200 UAH - 1 hour
Human imagination is boundless. In our salon in Lviv, your fantasies and dreams will come true. Are you ready to have kinky physical examination?...
3500 UAH - 2 hours
The Paradise Massage Salon in Lviv offers an exclusive type of massage called VIP Paradise. This is a multiple pleasure massage treatment. A nice...
4000 UAH - 2 hour
Our dear Guests are glad to inform you that our studio has prepared a surprise for you !!! A new and exclusive SPECIALLY TENGO program in our salon...
2900 UAH - 1 hour
 We are glad to present to your attention absolutely New and Exotic Tengo program !!!!It combines an erotic dance and the most explicit erotic...
2000 UAH - 1 hour 30 minutes
French Massage is the most sensual massage for men. It is performed without the use of oil, the girl leaves her gentle yet passionate kisses all over...
3500 UAH - 1 hour
An exclusive erotic massage program that contains all the best that a session of the most frank erotic massage can give! Here you can experience the...
3200 UAH - 1 hour
The Lesbian Show is full of passionate impulses at times when a couple of girls covers the body of each other with passionate touches and kisses....
3100 UAH - 90 min
VIP Persona is an exclusive erotic massage program that contains all the best that a session of the most explicit erotic massage can give! Here you...
2800 UAH - 1 hour
This is a unique erotic program created by Paradise salon for our most demanding guests in Lviv! At a session of this kind of erotic procedures, you...
1900 UAH - 1 hour
Foot fetish massage is a unique program that will satisfy you to the fullest! Here you will experience the pleasures of the hands of our beautiful...
1000 UAH - 1 hour
Body to body massage is one of the most popular types of erotic massage. It allows you to immerse yourself in a world filled with luxurious fantasies...


Şey 15 May 2023
Anya'ylaydım. Çok nazik, nazik, özenli, tekrar geleceğim.
Алексей 22 April 2023
Был у Ани. Девушка просто волшебница полный релакс в ее объятиях обеспечен. Спасибо Аня. Жди в гости
Max 25 March 2023
Дякую за гарне обслуговування! Також дякую Кірі! Неймовірна дівчина.
Анонім 25 March 2023
Дівчинка Аня , покорила моє серце )
Petr 10 December 2022
Був 9.12.22 дівчина Аня. Дуже крута і неймовірно красива і класна. Я в захваті. Дякую
Віктор 09 December 2022
Дуже задоволений дівчиною на ім'я Міла! Дуже професійно і приємно розважила мене, а ще має талант починати невимушені розмови завдяки чому масаж стає приємним ще й...
Руслан 30 November 2022
Хочу залишити выдгук про цей чудовий заклад. Тут все дуже затишно,безпечно,еротчно,комфортно,підійде будь якому естету. А дівчинка Таня просто мрія, Богиня з шикарною фігурою і...
Олег 12 November 2022
Хочу Свєту
Андрій 18 October 2022
Дякую за масаж Наталі, красива і мила дівчинка! Сам салон також красивий, кімнати з дуже гарним дизайном!
Коля 25 August 2022
Був багато разів у вашому салоні, але сьогодні мені запам’яталося особливо, бо такого адміністратора як Евеліна, не було і не буде, дуже прекрасна дівчинка з хорошим почуттям...

Erotic massage in Lviv

Erotic massage in Lviv will help you escape from everyday life, relax and completely abstract yourself from the urban rhythm. Specialists working in our parlour of erotic massage «Paradise» in Lviv, thanks to their experience and knowledge, willperfectly combine essential oils of different flavors with a touch of pleasant music.

Here, in the Paradise Salon, you will feel really free from problems and everyday stress. Thanks to our masseuses you will be able to give vent to yourpent-up sexual energy. Depending on massage techniques, it can be given usinghands and the entire body. Just relax and let the girl bring you pleasure and pleasant sensations. In our parlour, you will leave thoughts of daily problems far behind and plunge into the world of eroticism and delight. The sexual potential of your body will increase significantly and the body will strengthen. Let your dreams and fantasies come true in our Paradise Salon in Lviv. We offera variety of types of massageto choose from and a system of discounts. You may also purchase a gift certificate «Paradise» to give it to your friend or relative and have them get an erotic massage in our salon as a gift.