Erotic massage in Lviv

Erotic massage in Lviv

17 October, 2021 - 13:16 -- admin
Масcажный салон Львов

With the help of a relaxing erotic massage, you can heal your body, calm your thoughts, get rid of negative emotions and relieve tension. Relaxing oils are used for relaxation massage; the procedure itself is accompanied by a quiet, pacifying melody.


How does erotic massage affect the body

Thanks to erotic massage, you can get rid of stress and fatigue, recharge with new energy for further work. This is a good help for those who suffer from insomnia, various sleep disorders, depression. This is a good auxiliary way of preventing male diseases. Also, this method has a positive effect on the central and peripheral nervous system. Relax massage activates the production of serotonin, as it acts on the nerve endings on the body.

During an erotic massage, a person experiences pleasant sensations, relaxes, lymph outflow accelerates, blood microcirculation improves, and oxygen supply to cells improves. So the whole body is healed.


In what cases is it shown to do erotic massage

The course of erotic massage is recommended for emotional fatigue, physical stress, strong muscle tone, aging of the skin, to raise the mood. This procedure should only be performed by an experienced girl in our massage parlor in Lviv.

Erotic massage Lviv

How to choose attributes for massage


To achieve the maximum relaxation effect from such a procedure, the appropriate atmosphere in the room and the choice of the girl are very important. You need to make the light dim, turn on calm music, it should not be loud. Instead of a melody, you can put the sounds of nature, the sound of the sea or raindrops. Oils are selected taking into account the wishes of the client. There is a classic version of oils that facilitate the sliding of bodies and have a positive effect on the condition of the skin. Compositions of oils that promote relaxation must be added to them. The base oils are:

  • olive - is a versatile ingredient that helps protect the skin from inflammation, does not clog pores, is hypoallergenic;
  • almond - perfectly absorbed into the skin, has a good lubricating effect;
  • jojoba oil - has antibacterial properties, suitable for problem skin;
  • apricot - soothes and relaxes, improves skin condition, moisturizes and relieves stretch marks;
  • peach - improves blood circulation and metabolism.


Additionally, you can add lavender, orange, lemon balm, bergamot cosmetic oils to the base oils.


With the correct implementation of all the manipulations, you can achieve an enchanting result from an erotic massage.