Erotic massage in Lviv

Erotic massage Lviv

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Nowadays, almost everyone needs such a procedure. Erotic massage massage is a type of massage aimed at relieving the effects of fatigue, psychosomatic and emotional disorders and getting unforgettable pleasure. He is able to improve mood and well-being, improve sleep patterns and get rid of depression and excessive stress.

This procedure also moisturizes, smoothes the skin and prevents the development of chronic diseases.


Erotic massage will help to relax

The most important indication will be the effects of acute or chronic stress. The causes of stress can be completely different:
  • Physical fatigue;
  • Joint pain, back or spine;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Depression;
  • Neuroses;
  • Decreased immunity, etc.
Erotic massage for men Lviv
To eliminate the effects of stress, you need to get regular relaxing massage sessions. All parts of the body are massaged (abdomen, buttocks, chest, shoulders, back), but head massage is not included in the general scheme: it is performed separately.
During the procedure, the specialist uses classic techniques that are aimed at relaxing the muscles. The body is kneaded, rubbed, and at the end, stroking is required. After the end of the massage, it is recommended to lie down for a couple of minutes.
Как усилить эффект расслабляющего еротик массажа?
Безусловно, благодаря специальным техникам ваше тело расслабиться, но некоторые массажисты для усиления эффекта добавляют некоторые пикантные детали.
Во-первых, уделяют достаточное время подготовке к процедуре, чтобы клиент (пациент) чувствовал себя комфортно и смог расслабиться в незнакомой обстановке. Масла с приятным ароматом, ароматические свечи, спокойная музыка – всё это создаст условия для полной релаксации.
Перед началом массажа нужно убедиться, что у клиента нет аллергии на масло или какой-либо аромат. Также можно уточнить, какую музыку он предпочитает слушать во время подобных процедур.

Виды антистрессового еротического массажа

There are many different techniques and types. Classic relaxation massage includes stroking, rubbing, etc. With the spread of classical massage, other types of procedures have appeared, which have their own characteristics. The main ones are:
  1. Thai massage (performed on the floor and the session lasts approximately 2 hours);
  2. Spanish massage (the main purpose of the massage is maximum relaxation, which causes the release of endorphins into the bloodstream);
  3. Head and neck massage (you can do it yourself using a special massager);
  4. Hydromassage (the procedure is carried out using the pressure of water);
  5. Massage of points of life (influence on biologically active points is added to the classical technique).