Erotic massage in Lviv

Erotic massage in the salon for a man

19 March, 2022 - 14:47 -- admin
Еротичний масаж у Львові

Erotic massage in the salon for a man is a wellness procedure based on the technique of deep impact on all male receptors for the perception of sexuality.

How relaxing erotic massage affects the human body

The session is carried out with the aim of deep and prolonged relaxation, stress relief, chronic fatigue, apathy, sleep disturbances, as well as general strengthening of the body.

Relax massage has a powerful positive effect on the state of the body in general and in particular:

• activates the work of the brain, increases the speed of thought processes, improves memory;

• normalizes the functioning of the peripheral nervous system and, as a result, improves coordination of movement, protects against degenerative changes in the spine, neuralgia, neuritis, etc.;

• improves the condition of muscles, ligaments and tendons, improves their elasticity;

• activates the work of the cardiovascular system, normalizing blood pressure and pulse rate;

• has a beneficial effect on the body's drainage system, accelerating the lymph flow and metabolic processes.

Erotic massage technique

It is uniform, non-intense and monotonous effects on the surface of the body that relieve tension, improve the functional state of a person, and cause healing emotional sensations, especially if it is done by a naked girl.

Erotic massage combines several techniques:

  1. Stroking. A continuous sliding movement, performed on the entire surface of the massage therapist's palm, is used at the initial and final stages of the session.
  2. Tweezers. Capture and non-intensive pulling of the skin with fingertips is performed.
  3. Pat. A technique aimed at a local area of ​​the body is carried out at a constant speed and intensity of exposure.
  4. Kneading. Deep, soft study of the surface of the body, aimed at removing clamps, eliminating hypertonicity of male muscles.

Relaxation massage is a completely harmless procedure, however, it should also be abandoned for people who are in the acute phase of diseases, have recently undergone surgery, have skin damage, suffer from thrombosis and diseases of the circulatory system.

Types of relaxing massage

Relax massage combines different directions, types and techniques. The most common types are:

• Burmese massage - refers to therapeutic and prophylactic, the main attention is drawn to the deep study of muscles and joints;

• Californian - considers the body as an integral energy center, combines the impact on the physiological and emotional sphere of a person, is carried out with the use of additional accessories (scrapers, rollers);

• Greek - massage, with the use of flavored products (oils, esters), based on a soft, detailed study of each part of the body;

• Tibetan - a holistic system of influencing acupuncture points on the surface of the body, differs in the duration of the session, the strict sequence of the procedure, it requires special skill from the specialist during the procedure.

A relaxing massage, carried out taking into account all the rules and contraindications, will have a beneficial effect on the body, will become a means of maintaining health and strengthening the psycho-emotional state for many years.