Erotic massage in Lviv


24 January, 2019 - 08:50 -- Paradise Mass
Массаж Львов для мужчин на сегодня

What is a professional eromassage for men today? Is the real process a trivial set of tactile manipulations, or is it more than just physical relaxation?

Tricks of massage for men in Lviv

  1. No touch! It is necessary to stipulate in advance that tactile contact on the part of a man should be excluded. This moment is conditioned not so much by the ban on any active actions, but by your pleasure from the process. Often the excitement is caused not even by the fact of touching, but by the fact that a man is forbidden to do it!
  2. Touching the genitals is reserved for last! This is the easiest and fastest method of arousal. The main goal of erotic massage in Lviv today is a slowly growing desire, which in the end becomes simply irresistible.
  3. You can excite a man not only with your hands! Playful nibbling, light scratching movements, touching with hair, chest and the whole body - erotic massage has no limitations in this matter.
  4. Energizing essential oils help enhance the effect. Some of them are cypress and orange oils.
Professional erotic massage today is the maximum interaction between partners! It is necessary to carefully monitor the reaction of the partner and be able to recognize his emotions from certain manipulations!
To visit the eromassage salon for men today, use the Paradise number in Lviv: (063) 019-40-90.