Erotic massage in Lviv

The cost of erotic massage

We have a number of super massage services available at the Paradise Salon in Lviv.

Promotion - every day from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm free head massage

Types of massagetime1 masseuse2 masseuses3 masseuses
New Euphoria60min3000 UAH--
New Royal Pens60min2800 UAH3800 UAH-
Tango60min2200 UAH3200 UAH-
Tango Vip120min3300 UAH4300 UAH-
Body-scrub massage90min2000 UAH3000 UAH-
VIP «Paradise» exspress60min1700 UAH2700 UAH-
VIP «Paradise»90min1900 UAH2900 UAH-
VIP «Paradise»120min2700 UAH3700 UAH-
VIP family90min-2500 UAH-
Gold VIP person120min3500 UAH--
VIP person90min2700 UAH--
Person60min2100 UAH3100 UAH-
VIP Harem180min--10000 UAH
Foot Fetish Massage60min1900 UAH2900 UAH-
french massage90min1600 UAH2600 UAH-
Pip show60min1400 UAH2400 UAH-
strip show60min1300 UAH1700 UAH-
Angel massage60min1400 UAH2400грн.-
lesbian show60min-2300 UAH-
Body massage (10⁰⁰-00⁰⁰)60min800 UAH--
50/5060min1300 UAH2300 UAH-
Maximum Gold Relax60min1700 UAH2700 UAH-
Paradisaic delight90min2100 UAH3100 UAH-
Strict teacher60min1500 UAH2500 UAH-
nurse game60min1500 UAH2500 UAH-
Sweet time90min2000 UAH3000 UAH-
Nuru massage60min1800 UAH2800 UAH-

 The Moment of "Body massage" in Lvivis available from 10.00 to 00.00.

The main goal of erotic massage is to improve you emotionally, spiritually and of course sexually.