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Lingam massage

1000 UAH
1 hour 15 minutes

Massage "Lingam" performed by Paradise is based on the teachings of ancient India. The main focus of the program - the study of the attraction of the male and female, the "inflammation" of sexual energy, the prevention of male intimate health.

Lingam massage involves soft and gentle touches to your intimate places that will arouse the hot, wild energy of excitation ... On the session you will have a fantastic relaxation. Just relax, we will satisfy you with new emotions and sensual experiences.

Features of erotic massage Lingam:

  • The masseuse is used for light circular motions with a noticeable pressure.
  • The main area of influence is the pelvic part, legs, abdomen.
  • Lingam massage combines the technique of aromatherapy.

At the end of the Lingam massage program with the participation of the Paradise salon masters, uncontrollable sexual satisfaction awaits you, as well as a full relaxation from the tips of your toes to the top of your head!