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Maximum Gold Relax

1600 UAH
1 hour
Максимум Голд релакс

And how do you prefer to spend your leisure time? Salon eromassage Paradise offers to do this in the hands of gentle and playful girls-masseuses in our apartments! The technique "Maximum Gold Relax" in Lviv will allow you to increase your sexual potential several times and embody the most vivid, but to this moment, not realized erotic fantasies.

The main thing in the technique is "Maximum Gold Relax": Your eyes are tied, the senses are as sharp as possible. In such a situation, the sensitivity of your body increases at times. Playing on the senses is a brief and most accurate description of the program!

At the session "Maximum Gold Relaxation" in Lviv you can enjoy a frank body massage, as well as a whole set of erotic manipulations aimed at complex relaxation of each muscle. The final of the program is an unlimited number of relaxation!