Erotic massage in Lviv

Tengo VIP

4000 UAH
2 hour
Our dear Guests are glad to inform you that our studio has prepared a surprise for you !!! A new and exclusive SPECIALLY TENGO program in our salon for the first time in Ukraine, especially for our guests.
 We want to plunge you into the world of unimaginable emotions and feelings!
In this program you can feel like the king of the world.
In this program you will find:
-120 minutes of complete bliss
-New TENGO technique
-Touching in the Bikini area
-Strip show
-Pip show
-Passionate body kisses
-Imitations (exclusive addition from our salon)
-Non-Stop Relax
-Increased classical massage (from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head)
-Shower cocktail with a girl (at the discretion of the guest)
-Non-alcoholic or Alcoholic drink from the bar as a GIFT.
It is in this program that we have combined all the best for you, our dear Guests!